Welcome, traveler. This document exists to chronicle the adventures (both regular and ‘mis’) of Ellaerielle Faesong, Moon Elf Mystic whose potential as a powerful psionic is rivaled only by her beauty, and the Outsider, a human Hunter and amnesiac from a faraway land, with abilities as strange as his arsenal of foreign weaponry.

At their side, is the dwarven fighter, Flint Fireforge, who has recently undergone a conversion of sorts, having been chosen by the Raven Queen as one of her ambassadors and servants in the world of mortals.

Other adventurers are sure to join their plight, and when they do, their stories will be added to this log, as well as those of the villains who cross paths with our heroes and any other characters of import.

It is our hope that you gain enlightenment and that your mirth is multiplied as you peruse these pages.